This is a whole new genre in luggage. Introducing the World’s first SINGLE compartment HARD SHELL suitcase set from Cashmere Gear.

All traditional hard shell suitcases come with twin compartments, with a center opening.  This design results in having to open the suitcase split apart in such a way that it occupies twice the space of the original suitcase, which can be extremely annoying when one is travelling.  Most hotel rooms are not very large and the last thing you want is to have all the available floor space occupied with these two sided suitcases.  Also, packing bulky stuff can be difficult in these twin compartment suitcases.

On the other hand, the single compartment soft shell suitcases are not as strong and tend to tear during rough handling at airports and on flights.  Also, soft shell suitcases do not protect fragile items like glass bottles, etc. which can tend to break if packed in a soft shell suitcase.

At Cashmere Gear, we decided to design a suitcase that overcomes these shortfalls.   Our SINGLE compartment HARD SHELL suitcase provides the space and strength you need, without having to worry about the bulk and inconvenience of twin compartments.  The suitcase design focuses on space, utility and strength combined with unmatched aesthetics.


  • One Sided Hard shell suitcases – much better protection than soft sided ones.  Also, ease of opening in tight spaces, including hotel rooms, cruise ship cabins, etc. as compared to two sided hard shell options presently available.
  • High quality spinner wheels
  • Retractable rubber handle – more comfortable than standard handles
  • Adjustable built in number lock on all 3 suitcases
  • All three suitcases are in a matt black color
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty for 1 year

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